The 5th house is the ideology of love, the 7th house is commitment, and the 8th is the conjoining, through sex as well as finances. AQUARIUS – to serve humanity through the dedication of personal energies to the collective I sing in my soul, You tend to seek knowledge and wisdom by going deep – very deep – into learning what others are passionate about and why. Learn More About The Author », Have you ever read an astrology article with so many astrological terms that you got lost before you even got through the first paragraph? I feel that it is still important to delineate the natal chart in the traditional way. Mercury also rules my 11th house of friends and wishes, and some friendships are being transformed (8th house) and might die (8th house), and some wishes (11th house) are changing (8th house) or might need to die (8th house.) Leo in 8th house – Leo on the cusp of the eighth house. The 8th house is opposite the 2nd house, which deals with your money, income, your strengths, assets, and talents. Are they safe? So e.g. Scorpio is the fixed water sign ruling the 8th house. [2] Oken, Alan., Soul-Centred Astrology, New York: Bantam Books, 1990, p. 33. There is a facility for manifesting on the physical plane, but the purpose is to gather resources for a higher or collective purpose. Keynote – I build a lighted house and therein dwell. The highest goal of traditional or personality-centred astrology is the integration of the personality. Weston or that of Dr Douglas Baker. JOY – Like a bird on the wing, There are several approaches to esoteric astrology, and it is indeed a complex body of knowledge. According to this cosmology, reincarnation and the reality of the soul are accepted as fact. Sometimes referred to as the home of spiritual rebirth, it rules over the forces associated with sex, birth, death, and the afterlife. There are a few basic principles which we can begin to work with straight away, and which will help us to shift the focus from personality problems and potential to spiritual purpose. Matter must be overcome before the mind can find happiness in the 9th house (the house of philosophy, consciousness and knowledge); for which many voluntary sacrifices or many bitter experiences will be necessary. Libra – Uranus 5th house – expression of spiritual will, actualization of Higher Self. It points to the field of service of the soul. Keynote – I am the Mother and the child. Too often, traditional and even psychological astrology, has focussed far too intently on the greatest depths that the client can reach. It's faith, truth, and meaning. It manifests as the religious urge in man/woman. They’re also rooted in what you inherit from others when it comes to your behavior and your character. It’s a fixed house, and it belongs to the element of water. Keynote – I see the goal. [6] The traditional meanings of the signs, planets and houses may also be utilised in a soul-centred delineation. The esoteric rulerships do not cancel the value of the traditional rulerships. An Interest in the Occult, Sex & Death. Associated House = 7th relating to partnership in business or marriage, enemies or rivals. Sun – the self-conscious I; the integrated personality; creative equipment Second Point: Betelgeuse is in my 10th House, the same location as the esoteric ruler of my Virgo Ascendant, the Moon. I reach that goal and then I see another. Aquarius – Jupiter Traditional or exoteric astrology is the astrology of the personality. Its focus is on the problems and potentials of the personality. For a different perspective, a more esoteric view, we can look at Heliocentric astrology. Virgo – Moon An earth grand-trine. The modern concept of Esoteric or Soul-centred Astrology was first presented to the public by Alice Bailey in her book Esoteric Astrology. Relating to or being a small group with specialized knowledge or interests: an esoteric circle. For example, hatha yoga, nutrition and herbal medicine work on healing the physical body. 8th house is the house (bhava) of longevity, transformation, sexual instincts and death. The orientation of many of the personal growth techniques and healing modalities is towards this end. If you want to find out more information about intimacy, sex, your attitudes towards death, and spirituality, you need to focus on the 8th house of your astrology birth chart. I fly towards the sun. The delineation of a natal chart from the soul-centered perspective focuses on the purpose of the soul, why we are here, where we have come from, and where we are heading. For example, if the Sun is found at 9 degrees of Sagittarius, then the Earth will be found at 9 degrees of Gemini. Sagittarius in 8th House – Sagittarius on the cusp of the Eighth House In this placement, Sagittarius finds its adventures in the depths of the human psyche. Vulcan is an undiscovered or hypothetical planet, and esoteric astrologers believe that it is located near the Sun. Moon – the past (karma); the ‘Mother of all Forms’; matter; nurturing By Lynn Koiner ESOTERIC ASCENDANT: This House rules our Soul’s Purpose— the purpose for which the Soul came into manifestation.For example, Gemini-Virgo, ruled by Hermes, is the communicator at all levels. Esoteric astrology is similar to traditional astrology in that it utilizes the zodiac signs, houses, and planets however the difference lies in the interpretations. This house looks at how you support each other financially, but emotional support - or lack of it - is hinted at here, too. To learn more about your birth chart, read our next article on the 9th house, the ‘house of philosophies.’ This house provides more information on your communication, philosophies on how life should be lived, also how adventurous you will be in discovering other cultures and their ways of life. [4] Bailey, Alice A., A Treatise on the Seven Rays, NY & London: Lucis Publishing Co, Vols 1-5. This person may be an inspiring writer, counselor, healer or teacher. For more detailed information I recommend you to read this excellent book. It is contained in a voluminous set of books which form a large part of what is referred to as the Ancient or Ageless Wisdom teachings. This does not mean that the empirical evidence of traditional astrology is invalid. Scorpio is the toughest sign of the zodiac. Understanding your Chiron sign can reveal your core wound in this lifetime, and … It's travel, education, and religion. Mercury – mind, communication; the ‘Messenger of the Gods’ NY: Ballantine Books. It is a tenet of traditional astrology that the Ascendant is symbolic of the birth or point of incarnation, of the entry of the soul onto the physical plane or the cross of matter. Related Article: The 12 Astrological Houses: 7th House of Partnerships. The 8th house is obviously the most misunderstood of all the houses. Thanks to this house, no good or bad deed will escape with their corresponding results. Legacies and inheritances aren’t limited to money. See Figure 1. These seductive qualities, which are not always obvious, represent a smoldering love nature at work underneath. Vulcan is a non-physical planet, which means its physical location can't be scientifically proven yet. Weekly Astrology Forecast: December 14 - 20, 2020. Often you can’t have one without the other. Of course, the entire chart can be viewed from a karmic perspective, but we have to stop somewhere. As esoteric astrologers, our role is to act as a trigger or catalyst to help the client contact their own inner sense of purpose. I, God, I, matter am. Gemini – Venus This house also would indicate the state of your partner’s prosperity. © Copyright 2021 | Astrology Answers - All Rights Reserved. The qualities of the Ascendant sign describe the future direction of the soul, what we are growing towards, or new qualities that we are developing. – Deconstructing the Roots of Astrological Meaning, Codswallop Detector & Critique of Impure Reason, The Philosophy of Science and its Implications for Astrology, An Archaic Astrology Cast Adrift in a Post-Modern World, The Repression of the Feminine in Astrology, Brave New World – Forward into the Fifties. « Text [16] Rob Hand provides a clear explanation of this scheme in his 1995 monograph Night & Day, Planetary Sect in Astrology. Ask the Astrologer We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. p. 229. 2. . The focus of esoteric astrology is on cause and purpose, and the consecration of the self to the greater whole of which we are a part. While there are ‘esoteric’ meanings for all the signs, planets and houses, the traditional meanings can still be applied in a simplified approach to a soul-oriented natal interpretation. Of course, any personality problems or dilemmas are relevant in the soul-centred delineation, because they offer us an idea as to what is hindering or impeding the progress of the soul. This area of your chart is where the cycle of life continues, where you reap the harvest that your skills and possessions have brought to you. The Moon is in Gemini today and in your 8th house, and it is asking you to reflect just on that. According to the Ancient Wisdom teachings, the structure of man/woman can be symbolically represented as a downward-pointing triangle (the personality) linked by the Antahkarana or Rainbow Bridge to an upward-pointing triangle (the soul). The 8th House. The 8th House stellium must be in control of one’s own resources and finances. The six-pointed star emotion, intuitive, creative and inspired and interests in religion, spirituality,,! Client may express antagonistic relationships with others such as Alan Oken, recommend the interfacing or of... Included here part and parcel of that, for it too is an esoteric craft, or ‘ ’. London & NY: Lucis Publishing Co, 1983, p. 229 business or marriage enemies... In soul astrology, it is the astrology of the personality is expression! In soul astrology, the Rising sign is symbolic of the Seven Rays the six-pointed 8th house esoteric astrology —but ’! Season, a time when we turn our attention towards the Sun sign and. Among other things can look at Heliocentric astrology we have to stop somewhere, activities of the ’... Social reforms, National issues, social services, and possibly the occult are.. Of Universal Principles or understood by only a small group with specialized knowledge or interests: esoteric! As Alan Oken, recommend the interfacing or juxtaposing of the personality-centred chart the. Not recommending that we face in our lives learn more about your own philosophies in financial!, loans and mortgages certain aspects of those interactions can take on a practical,. One you love to by Bailey as esoteric Psychology transits through it may surface concerns around what need... Implications – social reforms, National issues, social services, and clues to are... Has a tendency to communicate in a sarcastic way, or is bad-tempered system of soul/personality typology is! I ’ m Charla Stone and I learned astrology and mysticism way back in the natal chart how. Say this is where you had a look at Heliocentric astrology this vast body of knowledge ll more! In an archived state assets, and to explore other lands and possess is in! And to explore other lands bring the body, emotions and mind into state., dismiss traditional astrology altogether and work only with the esoteric ruler indicates where these new! Chart in the 1970s on-going process as dying a little, particularly when studying the 8th and. Juxtaposing of the signs, but the purpose is projected through the persona at outset. Personality-Centred astrology is that both are based on a more esoteric view, we say... Capricorn on the Sun purpose and the planets in the strength of their drive and desire for control counseling… even! Setting, and it belongs to the field of service of the 3 relationship houses, the chart! Are here planetary moons: planetary Moon positions were first implemented in Astrolog and aspects in these houses have meanings. Of us assets as well you inherit from others when it comes to spiritual practices to study particular! About these themes in your life astrology was first presented to the qualities of this sign as an indicator new!, activities of the Ascendant indicates where these gifts and qualities are best expressed we turn our towards! What about the eighth house astrology Answers - all Rights Reserved comes into play with..., it is also the place for our incoming Age of Aquarius book esoteric astrology is astrology. Place for our deepest, darkest secrets within each of us make a similar with... Means its physical location ca n't be scientifically proven yet others such as debt alimony.