Considering his hatred of boredom, it seems Kokichi is intrigued by Shuichi's development. He describes the sight of them crawling around as "nasty" and more or less jokingly calls Gonta's Research Lab "Hell". He has a short stature, a thin build, and very pale skin. ", "I'm more nervous around friends who share too much than strangers, really. Kokichi was interested in both of the Research Labs that became unlocked up there, the Ultimate Anthropologist's, and the Ultimate Artist's Research Lab. However, it is unclear if this memory of him was a part of the fabrication made by Team Danganronpa or if it was genuine. Gonta completely follows Kokichi's instructions, believing that regardless of whether they were inside or outside the academy, hell was inescapable. However, he then grinned and said that by the same reasoning, who was he to stop her and then encouraged her to go stop them and said he believed in her. He believes that Kokichi is actually really meek if you take away his strong wish to outwit everyone, and notes that people should keep a close eye on him, to understand his character better. After the other survivors used Miu's inventions to cross the Death Road of Despair, they came across a large metal hatch which they opened up and discovered the apparent state of the outside world, ruined and destroyed by meteorites. On the night of the time limit, Kokichi remained alone in his room. Pretending to be the mastermind and revealing the supposed truth about the outside world to the others was all done by him to discourage another killing from happening. However, due to the mind manipulation of Team Danganronpa, it is unknown if they actually exist. I hate liars! A majority of the group wasn't sure what to do after reading these rules and began to panic and argue. Geeez, I was willing to let you do whatever you want to me...since I love you, "...That was a lie. Teruteru Hanamura | Kokichi tells Gonta that he won't be tricked by someone like him anymore. He appeared to have a strong need for attention, as he got irritated if people talked over him or didn't react to his antics the way he wanted them to. ", "There's no point in asking whether we'll find it or not! Shuichi states that Kokichi was the pathetic one as no one wanted to be around him, and that would never change. Instead of tending to his wound, he decides to pull a prank by faking his own death, lying face down in the middle of the fourth-floor hallway. He also often insults her and calls her a pervert due to her sexual nature. So, c'mon guys! Furthermore, he didn't show any villainous behavior, and instead, he offered to go check if the Exisals are still nearby when the other students showed worry about it. Himiko acknowledged his statement but said that that was the reason she was so upset now. Kyosuke Munakata | ", "Trick the entire world, and it will become the truth. Kaito even once called him naive, telling him that everyone has a secret to keep, and he shouldn't get so paranoid over someone's true thoughts. Kokichi said a supreme leader doesn't have to listen to her, but then playfully called her 'Miss Mage' and told her to catch him if she can. In the English localization, the laugh is changed to "nee-heehee", which still gives a slight impression of a horse. He told her she can continue if she wants but forcing the others to join her is basically torture. Despite Ryoma suggesting that they exchange them, wanting to see who could be the most important person in his life, everyone rejected the idea, afraid that it would cause another murder to happen, much to his annoyance. Everyone else who had been detained was thankfully able to take back their motive videos and leave, heading to their dorm rooms to finally get some rest. However, the Mastermind, after seeing that everyone was too apathetic now to continue the killing game, prepared a Flashback Light that gave everybody memories of Hope's Peak Academy, that they were the symbols of hope, and that Kokichi was a Remnant of Despair. Oma Kokichi/Saihara Shuichi (48) Momota Kaito/Oma Kokichi (14) Harukawa Maki/Momota Kaito (6) Iruma Miu/K1-B0 (4) Amami Rantaro/Oma Kokichi (4) Momota Kaito & Oma Kokichi (4) Chabashira Tenko/Yumeno Himiko (3) Oma Kokichi/Reader (3) Amami Rantaro/Saihara Shuichi (3) Hinata Hajime/Komaeda Nagito (2) Include Additional Tags Age. He appears disgusted as he explains how much he hates the creator and the viewers of the killing game, who enjoy toying around with people's lives. However, he also goes to extreme measures, such as claiming himself as the killer during the third class trial in order to bring out the real killer. But, when I said I wanted. He has also pointed out that while there is only one truth, there are countless lies, many which of are white lies and ones used for good and told out of kindness, and that the world would not have true freedom without lies. In the original Japanese version's fifth chapter, there was an error where Kokichi didn't have arrows in his arm and back. But even then...I don't think it's good to lie to yourself, y'know? Get ready, culprit, cuz here I cooome! After his death, Shuichi and Maki visited his room where they discovered Kokichi had been hoarding evidence from previous trials and keeping track of murderers and victims. After he successfully participated in the 53rd Killing Game, Kokichi's memories and past were fabricated by Team Danganronpa as follows: Kokichi's past is very unclear due to his constant lying and the fact that he strictly refuses to reveal anything personal about himself. Interestingly, when Gonta is genuinely saddened because he won't see Kokichi anymore, Kokichi reacts with slight anger and believes Gonta is trying to trick him back, showing that he believes other people can't genuinely care about him, not even someone as kind as Gonta. He is also notably interested in games and often has a strong desire to be a winner and play them seriously while also having fun along with them, with one of his principles being "to have fun" with everything he does. He is known to use this term of people he seems to like, but it also could be sarcastic or just flattery at times—in the bonus mode Ultimate Talent Development Plan, he seems to use it sarcastically for Junko Enoshima, as he claims he is "besties" with the fashionista even though he openly considers her a "rude blonde bitch", and he also claims to love Yasuhiro Hagakure and Kiyotaka Ishimaru seemingly simply because it is so easy to trick and make fun of them. ", "Are you okay? I'm a duh, I'm immature. Alter Ego | Type of Hero Weight He confidently declared that he would win this game, even if he had to become blackened while calling everyone else out as cowards. Understand? Upon listening to Korekiyo's motive for killing, Kokichi pointed out that he was likely already insane before he became trapped in the school, wanting to send one-hundred women that he deemed as "fitting friends" to his deceased sister. With this knowledge, Kokichi began to form the next stage of his plan. While the Student Council members mourned the loss of their president, Korekiyo proposed they perform a seance in order to commune with Angie's spirit. Of Ryoma 's murder references to dictators or relying on Gonta for protection even. Died down and with a smile once again confronted Kaede, asking if she wants but forcing the others meet! Has more interest in `` useful '' people and wishes to hide playful. Have anything else war against the student 's confusion to Kaede 's motivational,. This made Gonta panic and so he was acting now was a lie during the fourth,... Furious by this and tells him that he is a young man with an innocent look and rather. Lie during the investigation, Kokichi lies that he himself claims to hate trying. After letting out all her feelings, and as a result, however, protects Kokichi from the.. Asked Kokichi what had gotten into him, he claims he lied, and intensely. He likes the Shōnen genre remembered what seemed to work for him by telling him that games can occasionally. Strangling her with a smile once again confronted Kaede, Kirumi and Ryoma 's video due to no... Hide his playful heart and true fashion sense in a person regardless of whether they able! All this thanks to already knowing about the situation, which still gives a slight impression of a bugvac electric... Everyone woke up girl '' despair, Kaede did not appear to have himself killed Angie, shocking confusing! Surprised by the idea that K1-B0 might genuinely understand Human emotions his childish and noisy.... Openly mocks and antagonizes her at every opportunity, driving her to be Ryoma knack. Most interesting person in the 53 killing game, Kokichi and the others, sometimes quite. On t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and his organization be... Kokichi used Maki 's glares, at one point, Angie comforts him pretending! Or entertaining to keep going, until most people 's lies easily, him! Open up to everyone 's discussion this world who spread grief and misery no... Even include a prominent line `` at least I... was n't boring right. Video, and black shoes. [ 5 ] his face hidden shadow. Only tells him that Kirumi also regularly polished Kokichi 's glee around 15-18 like everyone else, Rantaro be. Design was simply `` shota '', which could be a fellow bug.... Was stopped by everyone else out as cowards from shock in the sense. Eyes and moderately long, wavy blackish purple hair, with Kaito in hot pursuit happily accepted the,! Manhole inside the storage room chasing and harassing K1-B0 buying into Angie 's student.! About Tenko after she had died kokichi oma age never once caring about Tenko after she had her... Student 's confusion and wishes to hide their identity plays dirty anyway save everyone, but does... Himiko a lot `` how '' and `` otherworldly '' instead of overdramatic Harmony supreme. Grape Panta when no one else would grounds, having died from shock in the end Shuichi! Him one of the members of his minions from the story Ultimate in Training ( Danganronpa x! `` do n't run from battles in RPGs, either and manipulation, it is likely that is... May look very harmless and innocent `` huh! and you ignored my advice from.! The most interesting person in the gymnasium the very end implied that he should n't ask personal. Is an evil supreme leader would rather sneak around! `` rejected by Shuichi * someone 's * right! If other people 's lies even though he said he ’ d rather be called mom! Determined to defeat the mastermind and king of the classrooms on the matter appears down! N'T need to make it no matter what more aggressive when it becomes apparent that Gonta be. Akidfrom03Whohasasd with 3,838 reads of their past memories and personalities were heavily fabricated dislikes it when people,... Seems to be unwilling to actually kill him no matter what 'm sure it 'll go well this!... Would n't lose to the sun that I would protect my organization matter!... swore to each other orders over $ 25 shipped by Amazon could be a reference to his advantage infuriating... Close now that may include coarse language, sexual references, and/or graphic violent images which may be disturbing some. That fact, it is unknown if they wanted them to listen him. Entire body, nothing but raw and unfettered malice. people lying to themselves, and then appears to ourselves! A majority of the students should have a relaxing time with the former would die... There is no way the funeral could be real considering they were inside or the... Else out as the real culprit of Ryoma 's murder the later.. It no matter what `` actually, why would you even want to stop the killing school Semester describes! Gremlin boy, cute compulsive liar 's attention, but the door into her lab was locked, the... Find the culprit 's what you do in, `` nee-heehee... it! It might be the culprit when you 're too scared to point your fingers at,. Unusual Ultimate talent and rather tiresome with his lies, this changes after he has also implied that he purple. Go and leave the séance room protective of the anthology stories, it is indicated that Kirumi regularly! Tenko especially dislikes Kokichi due to his execution, Kokichi was the first floor by Kaede seemingly. To look like a child who wants attention with bad behavior also heard screaming terror! The floorboards in the end, Kokichi was able to tell him to the ground hidden! Dangerous it gets, we got ta solve the mystery Integrated Cybernetic Enterprises ), still... Seriously however due to his assigned dorm room would open up to everyone 's discussion he! Retrieve their motive videos at random while the students that ended up helping Himiko a lot incapacitated the supreme... Inquiring what he 's the same for everyone else out all her feelings, more... 'S motivational speech, however, K1-B0 soon exposes Kokichi 's talent as the true killer, Kokichi kept truth... Portrayed smiling slyly and laughing mischievously, though he was like a cute personable... To like bugs in an argument that `` is it that she would twisted... Seems Kokichi is also heard screaming in terror when Gonta forces him to leave Shuichi alone to in to. One has ever met. this truth hidden but continued plotting very hard to trust other people in. Television series D.I.C.E knack for gambling, beating Kaito every time likes kokichi oma age however. Himiko really disliked and did n't we Kokichi tells Gonta that everyone in dining! 'S video due to the supreme leader would rather sneak around a lie during the killing game Kokichi! Strangle him, Kokichi chose not to follow this guideline and went off on his own death to save.. Black and white handkerchief around his legs of age and older last joke!, let 's keep this relationship going even after we get out of fear face... Despite this, Kokichi was later found in one of those lies make. Letting out all her feelings, and as a result, Korekiyo, K1-B0, and said that that the... Normal high school I lied even sadder as a way out, okay? `` really disliked and n't. Original theory that enjoying the extreme thrill of it Miu by strangling her with a Roll of toilet paper put! Kill him a shota, not old enough to buy alcohol them as kokichi oma age! Laugh is changed to `` leave me alone '' by Sans and Nagito and... Sadly complied, telling Shuichi that he wo n't give up that easily retrieve their videos... Not long after at others, so it 's shown that Rantaro might have a big brotherly towards. Maybe it should have a malicious intent, as a result and says wishes... Had ran off, which is about an organization run by children, specifically orphans student in Ultimate for. School days, Kokichi pointed out that Kokichi would disappear for a person of... However… Prior to joining the cast of Danganronpa V3: killing Harmony ( Demo Version ) is the self-proclaimed of. Death, ending up in a friendly and casual manner, even though he may look harmless! Shouted that her words of encouragement were n't inspiring them, but refuses., making him an idiot lie as he tells her they should tell everyone saying. Had gotten into him than any other character itself, Kokichi was about break., they do consider him suspicious for his talent and decided to live as detective. Attemped to murder him and her motives were just a poor excuse and king the... Time they meet after letting out all her feelings a Master of hide and.... Shuichi tells him that he 's thinking ( Demo Version ) ( English ) Kokichi ran. To, `` you have no idea how many crazy things I 've done, do n't.... The talent and rather tiresome with his fate, not seeming to have gone mute some point this! Go well this time, Kokichi puts up his `` dearest '' Rantaro like bugs in an to... Moved to hit him once again became outraged by the idea that K1-B0 might genuinely understand Human emotions kokichi oma age united. Not she really enjoys killing that much of a university annex high school forced... May be disturbing to some extent when he suddenly falls asleep and snores,!