Company Overview

PostMed is a leading digital healthcare services provider with offices in Los Angeles and Durham, NC. Our core mission is to aid patients with the pre-surgery prep and post-surgery recovery process and help providers with more effective care management.

Via our proprietary PostApp (for patients) and PostPortal (for nurses and patient coordinators), PostMed is leading the transformation of how patients complete their recovery once they leave the operating room. Though our technology provides significant benefits to patients, it's also designed from the ground up to save hospitals, surgeons, and nurses time and money. Specifically, PostMed is acutely focused on:

  • Increased patient adherence to pre-surgery prep
  • Improved Outcomes

  • Cost Saving Through Time Efficiencies
  • Decreased Complications

  • Decreased Readmission

  • An Enhancement to the Patient Service Level

PostMed is uniquely positioned to serve top hospital systems and private practices with its suite of applications. The cornerstone of the PostMed platform is smartly designed applications for both the patient and medical professional, and outstanding client service.

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