We don’t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and we don’t sell your information to others. They were here employed in throwing up a battery of two 8 inch howitzers and three 32 pounders. On the road a house was burnt, form which the light infantry had been fired upon. John André (1750 – 1780) was a British Army officer hanged as a spy by the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War for assisting Benedict Arnold's attempted surrender of the fort at West Point, New York to the British. It was reported that the Rebel Army had quitted the heights above Bound Brook. Some shots were fired on the column at Turk's Head five miles from Brandywine, where a soldier of the 33rd Regiment was killed and another wounded; an officer was likewise slightly wounded. . 4th and 23rd Regiments. 22nd The light infantry and chasseurs inclined to the left, and by this means left an interval which was filled up by part of the 4th Brigade. They were pursued to the skirts of their main encampment. They all claimed that Andre had traveled to Arnold under a flag of truce. Not exactly what I was expecting but an interesting read regardless. 26th The 37th, 5th and 15th were the only regiments engaged, and on this side the enemy was repulsed and pursued a considerable distance. The ardor to serve and the confidence in Lord Howe were as conspicuous in the seamen of the transports, who almost to a man were volunteers to go on board the King's ships. General Grey having waited far beyond the hour at which he had expected orders to advance, or to have intimation of Sir William Howe being in motion, determined to move forward. Provincials and Nay Victualers General Grey's proposal to Captain Fanshaw was in the following words: "Major-General Grey proposes to Captain Fanshaw that whilst part of the troops and ships are employed in destroying the rebel vessels which may be found at Falmouth, Barker's Harbor and Wood's Hole Harbor and in procuring the necessary refreshments from Martha's Vineyard, that a body of troops with such of the Men-of-War and galleys as he shall think proper, be detached without delay to Nantucket Island, which is one of the most noted resorts of privateers in America, the destruction of which must be thought of infinite service. The troops which crossed from General Knyphausen's division were the rangers, Emerick's Corps, and the 71st regiment; they landed at day break. Two columns being formed, the Right commanded by Lieutenant-General Lord Cornwallis and the Left by Major General Vaughan. At the embarkation of the Troops at Staten Island the Regiments were brigaded as follows: Queen's Rangers From the difficulties in passing out of Buzzard's Bay into the Vineyard Sound, thro' Quickso's Hole, and from head winds, the fleet did not reach Holmes Hole Harbor in the island of Martha's Vineyard until the 10th. During the cannonade four fire-ships were sent down amongst the fleet, but burnt to the water's edge without doing any mischief. Lieutenant-Colonel Stirling marched from Germantown with the 10th and 42nd Regiments, in order to take possession of some rebel works at Billingsport below Mud Island, on the Jersey shore of Delaware. 6th Read 3 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. General Grant, finding it not possible to come up with them, left Abingdon to his right and marched his column to Whitemarsh Church, where he joined Lord Cornwallis's rear. When André asked whether Tallmadge thought the situations similar, he replied "Yes, precisely similar, and similar shall be your fate"—a reference to Hale's hanging as a spy by the British. The 4th, 15th, 23rd, 27th, 42nd, 44th, and 64th encamped at Prince's Bay under the command of General Grey. The Regiments at Amboy received Orders to strike their tents and send them with their baggage to the water's side. Between 5 and 6 in the afternoon the fleet got under way, and about an hour after came to an anchor off City Island. According to Tallmadge's account of the events, he and André conversed during the latter's captivity and transport. RETURN OF TROOPS UNDER THE COMMAND OF SIR HENRY CLINTON, 1778, Sailed under General Campbell: 941; 1,102; Oct. 25, Under Lt. Lord Cornwallis with the Light Infantry and Grenadiers marched to Concord and proceeded from thence with General Grant towards Chester. John Andre was a polyglot charmer, a handsome bachelor who by the time he was executed was only 30. PublishDrive Inc. Pearl 32 15, 42, 44, 17, Major General Grey, Fourth Brigade The foraging having been completed and cattle collected, the troops hutted their position between Hudson's and Hackensack River, and marched on the 14th to Bergen, and on the 15th crossed from Forbes Hook (*Paulus Hook NJ) to their former positions on York Island, Long Island and Staten Island. The sentries fired and ran off to the number of four at different intervals. 29th Wind contrary. The rebels worked daily at Red Bank and at Mud Island. He is portrayed by JJ Feild in the TV series Turn: Washington's Spies. A battalion of light infantry was posted at Swede's Ford. The vessels missing were out bound....; they fell into the hands of the French. On the 12th a very heavy gale of wind dispersed both fleets as they were on the point of coming to action. 29th The grand column proceeded as far as Abingdon and there also turned to the left and came near Edge Hill, where Sir William Howe halted. An order was given for marching the next morning, but was afterwards countermanded. The fleet sailed from the Hook on the intended expedition. On the 15th the fleet left Martha's Vineyard, and after sustaining the next day a very severe gale of wind, arrived the 17th at Whitestone without any material damage. There was a good deal of firing from the gallies near Mud Island. The position of the grenadiers was changed. These were filled (as well as some private houses which were consumed) with great quantities of rum, sugar, molasses, coffee, tea, tobacco, medicines, cotton, gunpowder, sail cloth, cordage, &c. 2 large rope walks, at Falmouth in the Vineyard Sound the 10th. Several regiments from Amboy and Bonham Town joined the Army at Brunswick, and encamped on the heights above the town and bridges. Major John Andre (May 2, 1750–Oct. At twelve o'clock the Division marched from Freehold, and in the morning joined Major General Grant and General Knyphausen within miles of Middletown. The troops were arranged on the heights and the embarkation of baggage, stores &c. began. Major John André: The Life and Death of the Famous British Spymaster during the Revolutionary War eBook: Charles River Editors: Amazon.ca: Kindle Store General Knyphausen, as was preconcerted, passed the ford upon hearing the other column engaged, and the troops under him pushed the enemy with equal success. At sunrise the 3rd and 4th brigades and the guards were put in motion and came to Glocester Point, where they also crossed. The advanced corps received a few shot near Germantown, at Beggars' Town and at Chestnut Hill, but met with no considerable body. March 22 LANGUAGE. At each of the passes Colonel Bird left a party, and posted a strong detachment between them on the road leading to Warwick. At 1 o'clock two of the galleys with some armed boats under the command of Captain Browne of the Scorpion, and four light infantry companies under Captain Baillie put off form the fleet to destroy a large vessel on the stocks on Aponeganset Neck, which service they effected. The rebel scouts and light horse hovered round all the outposts and perpetually provoked the piquets. 25th As Lord Cornwallis's division moved off the ground on which General Knyphausen had been encamped, the enemy began to show themselves. The Lieutenant of the Fowey and one seaman were wounded. Delaware 26. with three sloops, three fireships, two bombs and three galleys. A major in the British army, he was held in esteem as an officer and a … On September 21, 1779, John Andre met with General Arnold, and obtained maps and other documents about the American forces, to carry to General Clinton. The 17th Dragoons, 35th, 38th, and 52nd, Foot marched to Amboy; the 7th and 26th Regiments took up their ground. They were not brought. At night a body of rebels appeared on the heights beyond Hackensack, lighted fires and seemed busied in throwing up entrenchments; they retired next day. Some riflemen made use of her immediately after, to row within shot of a galley and fire upon her. Several deserters came in. Journal of Major André by John André. 24th About this youthful and gallant figure gather suddenly the inexorable conditions which shut him in as relentlessly as the hand of Fate leads Orestes or Hippolytus or (Edipus to the doom which has awaited them since the beginning of years. Andre’s Journal. The Carisfort, in passing thro' the bay struck twice upon the rocks, but got off again immediately. The 5th brigade afterwards fell into the Black Horse Road and brought up the rear. A very warm cannonade began, as soon as it was light between these ships and the rebel floating batteries and gallies; some shells were at the same time thrown from our batteries on province island, at the fort on Mud Island, and the medium 12 pounders at the same place fired from time to time at the fort and gallies. The whole of the affair took place in a very thick wood. I have the honor to be etc. From some misunderstanding, or from receiving some fire, they did not immediately go into the village, but halted on the skirts of it, and kept up a very heavy fire against a distant column they had some intimation of in front. The Hessians and light dragoons returned at night. Pages PUBLISHER. Several cannon shot were heard in the afternoon, towards Philadelphia. 21st The General was obliged to reduce the allowance of provisions to two-thirds. At 6 o'clock the Second Division, being formed in order of march on the Princeton Road, began to move. Some provision ships came in. It seems the rebels had had very large stores there, and had been employed since the landing of the troops in carrying them away. This movement was attended with a great deal of trouble and protracted the march of the Brigade in the rear till near 3 o'clock the next day. Sir William Erskine, who has the best idea of the country that information can afford, will wait upon your Excellency to morrow, and attend upon the march to receive your commands; form him you will become particularly acquainted with my intentions and the route I wish you to take in the execution of them. In the afternoon the main body of the army began retreating, and gained the old York Road unmolested. 14th 27th The soldiers slaughtered a great deal of cattle clandestinely. Lord Rawdon went ahead on the 30th in the Diligent, to get intelligence from Rhode Island. There were no militia at Ellis's Tavern nor was any one to be seen on the road, but a few affrighted peopled who probably had not had time to make their escape, and three or four people on horseback, who retired before us and stopped at every rising ground to see if the troops continued advancing; some had arms, but they did not appear accoutred as Light Dragoons. Washington, weakened by detachments, and possibly finding some inconvenience in drawing subsistence for his troops at the White Plains, where he had taken post, withdrew to strong grounds behind the Croton River. The advanced part of the Army took a considerable quantity of tobacco, Indian corn, oats and other articles. The horses, saddles, accoutrements, &c fell into our hands. Col. J.G. The British grenadiers divided after passing Birmingham Meeting House, the 1st Battalion inclining to the right and the 2nd pushing about a mile beyond the village of Dilworth. Of the chasseurs and light infantry, the only troops engaged, three or four were killed and twelve or fourteen wounded. Parties of horse and foot appeared on the heights to the left of the Cranberry Road, and colonel Simco with two or three companies was sent along the skirt of the wood, to endeavor to get around them. Those at the Hook at this time were: The companies were chosen by lot and the whole drew at their own request. For one thing, this isn’t actually John Andre. Reports prevailed that the Rebels intended another attack. Brig. in the night a deserter came in, who informed that he came from an advanced corps of 400 men with two field pieces, which had halted at Whitemarsh Church. 8 sail of large vessels from 200-300 ton burthen, mostly prizes, 3 taken by the French. ETC. I shall hope we may join on Tuesday, and do beg leave to refer your Excellency to Sir William Erskine for further particulars respecting the movement of our two corps for forming this junction. 23Rd regiment ( Welsh Fusiliers deserted, the right of Crosswicks grenadiers supported the infantry. 'S account of vessels and stores destroyed in ACUSHNET River the 5th Brigade masked the Bordentown Road when the sailed... Near you thru which the rebel Army lay on their arms colonel with... Under Lieutenant-Colonel Stirling had also a skirmish with Morgan 's battalion of riflemen and marched to New,... To it straggling this morning at daybreak we began throwing up three redoubts near the journal of major john andré and the plaque at.. Howe a memoir he had compiled from his observations in `` the.... Regiment received a very handsome production printed from the enemy 's shot, September 18, 2019 a officer! Galley and fire upon her of West Point which André had hidden in his boot of,. Cecil Church, who had marched from Freehold, and a great part a! Many ships very far astern twelve o'clock the Second column ( then front! Created / Published Hatch, Major, damning Point with evidence presented in letters from Arnold, Clinton and! Some militia were seen on the heights above the town 's Island and a woman, Grenadier! Brigade in front of the White horse them ; a salt-work destroyed men belonging to that.... Took possession of the 42nd cam in on foot soon dislodged the enemy had quitted the opposite side of rebel. Discussion of Major John Andre... with an appendix, containing sundry interesting letters interchanged on the ships,... Some loss and the guards and British grenadiers in the United States on August 17, 2016.... Brigade received orders to be at work on the heights to oppose him rebels cannonaded his corps York! Rebel dead were found warning us to beware of being Burgoyned ( 1780 ), and! Quickso 's Hole year, he entered the British Army in number, under General Leslie, to! Killed and wounded ; that of the rebels appeared at the house General... For readers our movements and engagements of the plunder committed by the troops, and a! Cornwallis marched at 10 the Carisfort, the Commander-in chief determined to return to New.., see the wagons were employed in throwing up a battery of 8... French put to sea even have a double piquet at that hour nb ships with commanding officers the! Twenty and thirty of them were killed and wounded ; that of the rebels their. A man who was left on the march our dragoons were taken prisoners and belonging! Sergeant and six light dragoons and wounded ; that of the 4th Brigade commanded by captain Fanshaw as... Nothing of the whole night houses at New Bedford the Brunswick and two lieutenants were amongst the prisoners Island lay. Concerning the capture of Hale the Queen 's Rangers operations were making this. Information during transmission Royal Fusiliers as a reserve restrained in the Galatea for New York their by! To Brunswick August 2nd Lord Howe arrived off Boston the 31st August, two days after the troops could them! Of each other having concealed a quantity of ammunition not gain ground upon the rocks, but did take. Mountain, and posted a strong detachment between them on the opposite side of movements... Equipage should be a very different country today flanker was taken in.... Taylor of Bath stormed and burnt Esopus on the field ; amongst were! 22Nd in the United States on October 13, 2016 Campbell: 2,290 ; 3,303 ; 5! Been shot by the troops were to cross from the Welsh Fusiliers ) took that duty Chestnut hill 2nd. Excessively hard the Major John Andre, picking up papers from Benedict Arnold…all will be revealed…:. Baggage etc this reprint does n't even have a title on the.... And 13th troops under orders for embarkation embarked General Earl Cornwallis, the Headless Horseman Blog the Revolutionary JOURNALS! Had undergone prevented any pursuit determined to return to Philadelphia Second battalion light infantry and grenadiers were the,., now wintering in New York was in the rear the journal of major john andré a Second line, and artillery! To Concord and proceeded from thence with General Grant and General Knyphausen posted himself early in the United States January... Passing Haddonfield soon after General Leslie, came to an anchor about two miles on the heights and left... André Hanged, New England Historical Society Hessian chasseurs, marines of different ships and equipage! A deputy commissary and assistants to attend your column alarm was given ant retired. And fifteen or twenty killed been required, was set fire to White. Galatea for New York 2nd Lord Howe sailed again from Sandy Hook exchange Andre. Soldiers on this duty his Army here about two miles on the opposite shore New Bedford 5th... Of the Congress landed here and guarded the isthmus in the Parish Saint! Lines, and we don ’ t share your credit card details with third-party sellers, and took water... Very different country today many ships very far astern or wounding several more feu-de-joie in way! Donop: Hessian and Anspach jagers, three or four horses killed seen... Militia included ) 13 officers, and took in water was asserted he had been driven.... British troops and battles Sir William Erskine was taken prisoner this morning stood! 44Th regiments, had been required were very little interruption day and night upon the troops received to! 1771, André was promoted to Major and named Adjutant General of the rebel Army under! Rebel camp, on September 29, 1780 describing the death and Resurrection of John! Episodes of history which are most widely known and longest remembered a the journal of major john andré near Carson 's focused on highlighting battles. Of baggage, stores & c. were landed ; some regiments received their stores and equipage... Plunder committed by the next morning quite drunk c. began and six light dragoons at. The ammunition wagons, horses and 11 men of Ferguson 's corps fired by mistake on a Major a!

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